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The Lowest Phase Jitter of Any LVDS Oscillator

  For high speed data transfer applications (transceiver or clock distribution) that require a high data rate, introducing our new LVDS Oscillator. Suntsu’s CEO, Casey Conlan enthused, “our high-speed networking customers will be clamoring to get their hands on this part!” The SUO75L Series Oscillator is designed with a third overtone crystal and a frequency…
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Simplify Your Design With Suntsu’s 4-in-1 Combination Outdoor Antenna

Suntsu announces a new outdoor antenna to address your LTE MIMO, GNSS and Dual Band Wi-Fi needs. All multiple wireless systems need a high efficiency antenna with high gain and isolation properties. This 4-in-1 antenna from Suntsu can be used for vehicle telematics allowing real-time tracking and HD video streaming to the cabin of any…
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Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Announces Expansion to Europe

US-Based Suntsu Electronics Inc. announces the opening of its first European sales office, located in the UK. With a growing customer base of distributors and OEMs across Europe, the new office will provide additional sales and technical customer service support.   Anke Allen / Director of European Sales   Heading up the new office from its location in…
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Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter Will Save Space On Your Design

Suntsu Electronics, Inc. Introduces Their Smallest GPS Saw Filter to Date. Suntsu releases their Ultra-Miniature GPS Saw Filter with a PCB footprint of only 1.1mm x 0.9mm. The use of RF Filters in Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) is a necessity but it can be a challenge to find the smaller package sizes with low insertion…
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