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Suntsu’s Footswitches are Featured in Adafruit’s EYE ON NPI!

Earlier this month Adafruit Industries, a USA Manufacturer of open-source hardware, featured our footswitches in one of their video blogs. Our footswitches are used in a variety of products requiring hands-free operation such as guitar effect pedals, medical beds, machinery controls, and tattoo gun machines. Thanks for the feature, Adafruit! Rock on! Be sure to…
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The Battle Continues – West Coast Ports Find New Way to Ease Congestion Thumbnail

The Battle Continues – West Coast Ports Find New Way to Ease Congestion

As many of our customers know, the U.S west coast port congestion continues to affect supply chain management and sets record numbers for ship wait times. Suntsu has been experiencing delays on most of our ocean shipments since the start of the pandemic. What was once one to two-week delays has turned into six to…
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Basic Unit Converter Blog Suntsu Electronics

Convert just about anything with Suntsu’s Basic Unit Converters!

Every engineer knows that a solid and precise converter, for even the simplest conversions, is necessary to ensure accuracy in the work they do. Even the slightest miscalculation can affect the results. With the knowledge we have gained over many generations, we are now able to measure volume, weight, length, temperature, force, and power. We…
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SourceToday’s #1 Distributor to Watch in 2021 Blog Header Image

Suntsu Electronics ranks as SourceToday’s #1 Distributor to Watch in 2021!

Suntsu Electronics Inc is ranked number 1 on the SourceToday 2021 Distributors to Watch List.  We are thrilled at this recognition, and we owe it all to our hardworking team, always pushing hard to be the best partner for our customers. SourceToday is a quality news provider, for procurement professionals, that publishes an annual list…
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Suntsu Best Place to Work 2021

Suntsu Electronics Ranks On The 2021 Best Places To Work In Orange County!

Suntsu Electronics, Inc. was recently named as one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Orange County. The awards program was created in 2009 and is a project of the Orange County Business Journal and Best Companies Group. At Suntsu Electronics, we support and nurture our team members so that they can thrive and…
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InvisiShield CT Blog Thumb

Suntsu’s Upgraded InvisiShield-CT: More Than a Contact Tracer

Introducing InvisiShield-CTSuntsu has boosted our InvisiShield workplace proximity sensor to add a contact tracing system! Infections like Covid-19 spread through social contact. Airborne viruses can spread between two people closer than 6 feet and it can be impossible to judge or remember all your close social contacts over a day, let alone a week! Using UWB technology for real–time location systems (RLTS) gives you a…
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TCXO Users Still Face Shortages in 2021

TCXO Users Still Face Shortages in 2021

Over the last 12 months, the electronic components industry has experienced unprecedented challenges. Covid-19, elevated demand for consumer electronics, unexpected demand in the automotive market, and tensions between the U.S. and China have all conspired to create a perfect storm. The pressure on global supply chains can be felt across every sector, but none more…
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Suntsu Supports Tuning Fork Crystal Shortages: 3.2 mm x 1.5mm

Watch Crystal Shortages? The world’s most popular tuning fork watch crystal has been the 3.2mm x 1.5mm package for a long time. Suntsu’s equivalent watch crystal, the SWS312 series, has been popular among our customers! Unfortunately, this part is becoming harder and harder to find in the marketplace, and lead times on the SWS312 are…
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Product Shortages? Not an issue with Suntsu

Suntsu’s Team Can Source Hard-To-Find and EOL Components!

Shortages Continue Into 2021 This last year has been challenging to say the least. Not only have families been separated, livelihoods threatened, and social calendars put on hold, but global manufacturing has been interrupted. COVID-19 has had effects on our industry that many did not expect. As we get back to work, people are realizing…
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Suntsu Foot Switches Thumb

Suntsu Offers Foot Switches for Hands-Free Applications

Suntsu now offers foot switches! Foot switches are used to turn electrical equipment on and off by using your foot to trigger the switch, depending on the application. Some common applications of foot switches include guitar pedals, sewing machines, medical bed controls, tattoo guns, soldering machines, industrial machinery, and more. The right foot switch can…
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Suntsu LVPECL and LVDS Oscillators

Suntsu’s Lowest Current Consumption LVPECL and LVDS Oscillators!

Battery-powered, wireless communication products require not only a high data rate but low current consumption to reduce power loss. Suntsu is introducing a new set of oscillators, the SLO series, to meet these market demands! With the lowest current consumption and unmatchable phase noise performance, the SLO series is the only way to go. The…
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West Coast Port Delays Continue as Covid-19 Cases Rise

West Coast Port Delays Continue as COVID-19 Cases Rise

As many of our customers know, U.S west coast ports have been backed up for various reasons. Although things were expected to ease up this month, there is still congestion off the West Coast due to rising cases of COVID-19 among international longshore workmen. There have been approximately 700 COVID infections out of 9,000 ILW…
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Suntsu USB Type-C Connectors Thumb

Suntsu Now Offers USB Type C Connectors!

Introducing Suntsu’s latest and most powerful cables: USB Type C connectors! USB cables have been used in electronics for years, but these new developments make the USB-C the new industry standard. Recently, it has been incorporated into computers, phones, and tablets. Large companies like Apple are getting rid of older, larger USB’s and making way…
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Suntsu and Srymon blog thumbnail

Strymon Guitar Pedals: Talented Teams, Rockin’ Products

In a few short years, Strymon has become one of the most highly regarded pedal builders in the guitar industry by leveraging a unique blend of analog and digital signal processing to achieve exceptional sound with a wide sweet spot of playability.  Strymon has focused on building studio-grade effects processing into a simple, easy to use pedal without the…
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Suntsu's UK office offers free eval boards for MicroCrystal RTCs

Our UK Office Now Offers Free Evaluation Boards for Your Micro Crystal RTC’s!

Micro Crystal AG has introduced the RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock Module. Suntsu is proud to be able to offer free evaluation boards with this RTC (Real Time Clock) at our UK location. This is Micro Crystal’s most power efficient, accurate and ultra-compact temperature compensated RTC yet! The new RV-3032-C7 has added functions to ensure you are…
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Suntsu and Blume Electronik

Suntsu and Blume Elektronik Build a Strong Partnership

Suntsu Electronics is the perfect partner and manufacturer to support us in offering custom solutions for a wide range of our products. We look forward to building a strong and successful partnership over the upcoming years together.”  – Product Marketing Manager at Blume Elektronik, Mr. Christoph Hassenflug Blume Elektronik Distribution has become one of Suntsu’s valued partners! They…
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Suntsu Frequency Control SWS834

Epson’s MC-306 Will Be Obsolete in 2021. Suntsu Has the Perfect Solution.

Need a replacement for the MC-306 (Epson’s EOL notice)? Fortunately, Suntsu has the perfect solution: SWS834. The SWS834 is an equivalent product to Epson’s. Featuring 32.768kHz, and the same dimension and electrical parameters as the MC-306, the SWS834 is an easy drop-in replacement. Even better, Suntsu can provide short lead times and competitive prices! Some of their key features…
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Small Form Coaxials

Guidelines to Follow When Purchasing Connectors for Your RF System Design

WHICH TYPE SHOULD I USE? At Suntsu, our focus on wireless communication has helped our customers buy cables focused on antenna-to-board connectivity. As our customers continue to favor smaller and more compact products, we want to ensure you are saving time and money by using the right solution, so which small coaxial RF connector should…
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Ocean Delay

Increasing Delays in Ocean Shipments

Businesses are experiencing ocean-freight shipment delays nationwide. Multiple factors are contributing to the delays:    Click MeCOVID-19 Global shipping increased rapidly this summer with the reopening of national economies following the pandemic shutdowns. Equipment Shortage Container availability in China continues to be at a record low. Holiday Closures Ports and forwarders will be closed for the…
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Suntsu and Digikey Partnership

Suntsu Partners with the World’s Premier Catalog Distributor: Digi-Key Electronics

Suntsu Electronics is happy to announce our partnership with Digi-Key Electronics. They are one of the fastest-growing distributors of electronic components and offer the world’s largest selection of products in-stock and available for immediate shipment. Founded in 1972 as a small mail-order business, Digi-key remains an essential resource for the electronics industry. They strive to…
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