Suntsu SAW Filters

Suntsu SAW filters are available in industry standard packaging sizes that go from 1.1 X 0.9mm to 13.3 X 6.5m SMT. We offer several 4-pin and 6-pin through-hole or socket-ready packages and a wide center frequency range including 30MHz to 150MHz for the IF SAW Filter family or 100MHz to 2.7GHz for the RF SAW Filter family. Passband bandwidths go from 4kHz to 40MHz for IF SAW filters and 75kHz to 80MHz for RF SAW filters. Pick out a standard part number from the list below or contact our sales team to request custom parameters or physical modifications to receive a part that fits your specific needs.

SeriesImageSMT Package Size RangeThroughhole Package Size RangeFrequencyPassband WidthKey FeatureDatasheet
SFLSR-1E1BSFLSR-1E1B1.4x1.0mm, 5-padN/A722.000 to 2655.000MHz9.0 to 100MHzAutomotive and Telematics, Small size package.Datasheet Download
SFLSR-2A1GSFLSR-2A1G2.0x1.6mm, 4-padN/A719.000 to 2017.500MHz2.0 to 26MHzIndustrial spec, Small size package.Datasheet Download
SFLSR-3A3ASFLSR-3A3A3.0x3.0mm, 6-padN/A315.000 to 2655.000MHz0.15 to 20MHzIndustrial spec, Small size package.Datasheet Download
SFLSR-3I3ISFLSR-3I3I3.8x3.8mm, 8-padN/A110.592 to 868.350MHz0.15 to 20MHzIndustrial spec, Small size package.Datasheet Download
SFLSR-5A3FSFLSR-3I3I5.0x3.5mm, 4-padN/A315.000 to 868.350MHz0.15 to 0.3MHzIndustrial spec, Small size package.Datasheet Download
SFLSI-13D6FSFLSI-13D6F13.3x6.5mm, 12-padN/A70.000 to 140.000MHz0.02 to 76MHzIndustrial spec, SMD packageDatasheet Download
SFLSI-14F10ASFLSI-14F10AN/A14.5x10.0mm, Dip type70.000 to 140.000MHz6.0 to 29MHzIndustrial spec, Dip typeDatasheet Download
SFLSI-22B12GSFLSI-22B12GN/A22.1x12.6mm, Dip type70.000 to 140.000MHz0.6 to 30MHzIndustrial spec, Dip typeDatasheet Download
SFLSI-27C12GSFLSI-27C12GN/A27.2x12.6mm, Dip type70.000 to 140.000MHz3.0 to 42MHzIndustrial spec, Dip typeDatasheet Download
SFLSI-34I12GSFLSI-34I12GN/A34.8x12.6mm, Dip type70.000 to 140.000MHz0.4 to 50MHzIndustrial spec, Dip typeDatasheet Download
SFLSR-1BJSFLSR-1BJ1.1x0.9mm, 5-padN/A1575.42MHz46.0MHzCompass & GPS, Smallest size package.Datasheet Download


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